Sesame Seeds and Their Manufacturing, Processing

Sesame or Sesamum indicum is a kind of an ancient oilseed which is a warm season annual crop that is mostly adapted in areas where there is well-drained soil and long growing weather conditions. Sesame seeds have been a source of oil and food for hundreds of years now. It is a fact that about 35% of it is used in food and 65% of it is used in making oils. Within the food area, about 36% comprises of washed sesame, 42% comprises of roasted sesame, 10% comprises of roasted sesame seeds with salt and another 12% comprises of ground sesame. A well-known sesame seeds supplier, H.L. Agro houses cutting edge technology in the fully automated manufacturing units to decorously process & export ready the sesame produce.

Sesame seeds are used widely in recipes around the world because of their rich and nutty texture and good flavor. It is not just used in savory items but also in baking products like donuts and others. The two main types of sesame seeds are white ones and black ones. They are mostly grown in India, Mexico, Guatemala, China, and Thailand. India is one of the biggest sesame seeds supplier & exporters and one of the companies which are responsible for producing bulk amounts is HL Agro.

Sesame seeds can be hulled, unhulled, roasted or raw. Hulled sesame seeds are those in which the outer covering is removed whereas unhulled ones are those in which the cover is left intact. In the case of hulled seeds, the hulls are removed in a wet process and then discarded. The seeds left after that are first washed and then dried to result in a high-quality confectionery product. HL Agro and other companies like it are involved in the manufacturing and production of all major types of sesame seeds and have huge processing plants installed in factories to handle large scale production.

Sesame seeds manufacturing and processing involves several steps and thanks to latest technology, the entire process is done through machinery in processing plants. Oil from the seeds is extracted by mechanical pressing. The seeds are usually cold pressed or hot pressed. They are cold pressed to result in aromatic salad oils whereas hot pressing may result in a low-grade oil product. The yield of the oil thus produced lies between 50 to 75% and this percentage mainly depends upon the seed variety as well as the growing conditions.

One of the best qualities of sesame seeds is their long shelf life. This is one reason why companies like HL Agro can export this product at a wide scale to countries far away. This quality also makes it applicable for use in the production of margarine where there is not much refrigeration. Sesame seeds are considered one of the healthiest seeds in the world and are packed with many vitamins and minerals that are essential for us. This too is one reason why they are used to make oils for foods and applied in recipes across the world. This is why the international demand for sesame continues to increase every year and companies like HL Agro thrive as the global sesame seeds supplier.

As the preferred sesame seeds supplier, H.L. Agro emerges as the bulk manufacturer of natural sesame & hulled sesame seeds to cater to the procurement requirements across industries & geographies.

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