Uses of Sesame Around The World

Sesame seeds are the healthiest and the most popular seeds in the world. These seeds are known to mankind for several thousands of years and still continue to be widely used for many different purposes. Although these seeds are grown more in some tropical parts of the world than some others, but their demand is high all over the globe. Asia is the largest producer and consumer of sesame seeds and uses sesame commercially in the form of cooking oil. India is one of the major sesame exporter in the world. But there are many other uses and benefits of sesame around the world and you can read more about the same in the following:

• In Japan, sesame seeds are toasted prior to pressing them for oil which is extremely stable and provides a lot of flavour in foods. In the country, the seeds are used as a garnish for decorating some of the light foods like fish and desserts. Here, sesame seeds are used so widely that they are placed like salt and pepper on tables in restaurants.

• In India, this oil is kept a little bitter so that it can be identified from other cheaper varieties. It is used not just as cooking oil but also for many other purposes in the country including making desserts, as massage oil and others.

• In many parts of the world, sesame is used to make margarine and soap. In the past, sesame oil was used in lanterns but this isn’t possible in current times because of the high cost. Several insecticides use sesame oil as a synergist for the active agent.

• In Asia, the seed is used as a whole seed. In Korea, the whole seed is added to several sauces which are used in daily meals.

• Sesame seeds are very widely used in the Middle Eastern countries and are ground into a paste known as tahini. Tahini is used as a dip and as a core ingredient for making other dips and dishes. Tahini is thereby used to make hummus which is a staple in the Lebanese cuisine. In several Middle Eastern countries, sesame is also used to make a sweet known as halva which is considered a high energy food.

• In many parts of the world, Sesame is used to make sesame bars with honey and used as an energy or dessert bar.

• In western countries, baking industries look for sesame exporter to serve their confectionery needs. The seeds are dehulled and put on top of breads and buns. The seeds are also incorporated into many food products like crackers and sesame sticks.

Sesame oil is also extensively used to make hair care and skin care products.

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