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Thirty years after Indian Independence

Initiated in the year 1950, HL Group is a professionally managed family business house, associated with the leading industries for various decades. The group is primarily engaged in the tobacco industry, food-processing industry, packaging industry and the finance sector.

The Timeline


August 8

Small Tobacco Business Started

Late Mr. Hori Lal Sahu establishes a small tobacco business under the company name 'Ashwani & Co.'
August 8

The Business Expands

Nationwide expansion of the products by his sons under the brand name 'Pan Sugandh' and 'Madhu'
August 8

Ashwani Dal Mill

The Group diversifies into agricultural business with the processing unit of Lentil Dal (Masoor Dal) and Pigeon Peas (Arhar Dal) - sold under the brand name 'Temple'
August 8

Production Capacity++

Introduction of flexible plastic packaging increases the production capacity exponentially
August 8

Temple Leading The Market

'Temple' brand becomes the market leader in its domain
August 8

Madhu Goes Big

Madhu becomes the market leader in majority of India
August 8

Ashwani Poly Films

The Group forays into plastic manufacturing, supplying packaging film to the various leading industries. The clientele list included the well-known 'Pradeshik Co-op Dairy Federation' and many other market leaders operating in different domains.
August 8

HL Agro Is Born

The Group enters the sesame business with the motive of catering organic products of Indian origin to the world
August 8


HL Group makes its mark in the 3D printing industry under the brand 'MyObjectify'
August 8

Corn Starch & Derivatives

HL Agro's Unit II starts manufacturing Corn Starch & Derivatives. Exports of the same begin world-wide.