Natural Black Sesame Seeds

Natural black sesame seeds are one of the healthiest kinds of sesame seeds which are rich in flavor and nutty in texture. These sesame seeds produced by HL Agro are unhulled and Sortex cleaned natural black & jet-black sesame seeds.

From sweets to bakery products and from snacks to savory items, sesame seeds are one of the most used and popular seeds in the world. The nutty and crunchy texture along with the rich flavor of these seeds makes them a popular ingredient in many recipes belonging to different cuisines. Sesame seeds are a powerhouse of not just taste but also nutritional value. They are packed with so many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they are often termed as the healthiest seeds in the world.

As the industry leader in the production & export of sesame seeds, HL Agro outreaches worldwide markets & serves the sesame needs of diversified industries. From unhulled varieties to the hulled ones and from natural white sesame seeds to black sesame seeds, it produces the premium quality of each and manufactures bulk amounts for export and in-country selling purpose. Black sesame or natural black sesame seeds are often considered one of the most nutritional seeds in the world. The Chinese believe that the nutrients in black sesame seeds can cure all body deficiencies that are caused due to aging, worrying and other tolls of life.

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Trusted Exporter & Supplier of Black Sesame Seeds - HL Agro

HL Agro follows an impeccable and technologically advanced process to produce the finest quality of black sesame seeds. Starting from the sourcing to the packaging, each process is given careful attention and total dedication. Each of the seeds that we bring to you is sourced from highly
fertile parts of the Indo-Gangetic plains and areas in Gujarat. After the sourcing, we make the seeds go through the cleaning process which results in 99.95% purity. After this, the seeds undergo several steps in the processing process which take place at the company’s processing plant in Kanpur. The plant is spread across an area of 6000 sq meters and utilizes high-tech machines and cutting edge technology.

HL Agro, the leading exporter of black sesame seeds has been delivering a persistent and consistent quality since the last 2 decades and continues to do so even now.  It has maintained a top position in the market and also provides Sortex clean guarantee. The resultant seeds are high on oil, nutrients and salmonella free. HL Agro is an ISO 22000:2005 certified company which sends a sample of its black sesame seeds to SGS for organic testing and certification. To ensure that the seeds sourced as raw material are indeed the best quality, continuously, our in-house R&D department conducts rigorous tests to ascertain the quality of the same. Our processing unit is capable of delivering bulk quantities of genuine and premium quality sesame seeds to clients/seekers worldwide. We offer customization in terms of volume (5kgs/11lbs – 50kgs/110lbs) and personalized labeling to make our approach as client-friendly as possible.

Technical Aspects (HL Agro Guarantee)

  • 99.95% Purity Guaranteed
  • Sortex (Optical) Clean Guaranteed
  • E-Coli Free Guaranteed
  • Organic Black Sesame Seeds Guaranteed
  • Salmonella Free Guaranteed
  • Oil Content (45%-60%) Guaranteed
  • FFA (2% Max)
  • Less Than 6% Moisture Guaranteed

Uses & Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds, especially the black variety are known for their nutritional value and applications in food. Black sesame seeds are known to have anti-aging benefits and is also good for the skin and the bones due to the presence of calcium and zinc.  Not only is it great for the heart and digestive health but also protects against various cancers due to the presence of different nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B1 and others. Black sesame can be sprinkled on top of various dishes and can also be mixed with smoothies and yoghurts.

It finds great use in baking, cooking and making pastes. We at HL Agro are focused on bringing you the best natural black sesame seeds & jet-black sesame seeds constantly and have been successfully doing that for the longest time.

HL Agro has earned multiple certifications

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Having been in the agro industry for nearly two decades, HL Agro Products Pvt. Ltd today stands at a leading position in the market with the ISO 22000:2005 certification.

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