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Starch & Corn Derivatives

Starch is the main source of energy stored in cereal grains. It’s origin in nature is as grains that are insoluble in water, and is available as industrial raw material in unlimited quantities. Multifarious application of starch certainly makes it a very versatile product.

HL Agro offers an all-inclusive assortment of native maize starch for use in different food applications with different functional needs. With the qualitative production of corn/maize starch, liquid glucose, corn/maize fiber, corn/maize germ & corn/maize gluten; our corn-based repertoire competently gratifies the diverse needs of customers in India & around the globe. At HL Agro, our strength is embedded in our entrenched and established direct field sourcing capabilities from the fertile lands of India. The plenary grasp of customer requirements and in-house knowledge of global supply and value chains enables us to offer the right quality corn starch & corn derivative products sourced from the right places in the right way to the seekers worldwide.

Corn-based Products

Maize Starch Powder/Corn Starch Powder

HL Agro is a seasoned manufacturer of maize starch in India.

Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries.

Maize Germ/Corn Germ

Maize germ is a high energy digestive feed offering a good source of ‘slow release’ starch.

Maize Gluten/Corn Gluten

Maize gluten is a palatable, economic source of protein, energy, organic acid, vitamins and minerals.

Maize Fiber/Corn Fiber

Corn fiber is a mixture of the seed coat and remaining endosperm of the kernel after the extraction of the starch gluten, and germ.

More about Corn Starch Products from HL Agro

HL Agro is a noted manufacturer & supplier of maize starch & corn derivatives in India. Our processed corn products are widely known for their purity, accurate composition, and high viscosity. They find application in various sectors like food products, textile sizing, paper making, packaging, pharma, nutraceutical and biopolymers for various industries. HL Agro’s starch portfolio addresses the formulation, cost optimization as well as the nutritional needs of our customers.

HL Agro’s fully automated corn processing plant stretches over the massive area of 50 acres, that dedicates 36,500 sq ms exclusively for the preservation of Green Buffer Zone in the premises. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at HL Agro conserves three colossal units viz. processing unit, quality check unit and warehouse & packaging unit. The quality of the product is our main concern since the inception. Before the delivery of products we undertake stringent quality control tests on various parameters like composition, viscosity, pH value, purity and effectiveness. Once verified by our quality auditors, these products are forwarded to our packaging unit.

Proper, safe packaging and storing is very important for all our products. We use tamper-proof packaging with moisture barrier plastic liner inside that has a capability to carry upto 50 kilograms of weight. The engagement of pneumatic conveying systems further ensure the hygiene, retention of freshness and other properties of our starch.

Our warehouse ensures that our products remain protected from any kind of fungal infection, granule formation or any other such related problems. The procured corns are scrupulously stored in full stainless steel state-of-the-art silos directly imported from USA and further steeped in fully-SS vats to ensure their hygiene & purity. Proper temperature and humidity are maintained in our warehouse along with round the clock availability of power supply. Moreover, for the convenience of the customers, we provide them with customized options in packaging the products.