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Sesame Seeds are the tear-shaped small seeds that come in the assortment of black and white in different compositions. The crunchy & nutty seeds are principally known for the high oil content and the texture that they supplement to cuisines worldwide.

The most preferred sesame seeds exporters HL Agro thrives firmly in the global markets with its consistent product quality & remarkable supply chain management. At HL Agro, we value quality right from the inception. In that, these seeds that are processed in bulk are sourced from the highly fertile regions of the Indo-Gangetic plain and Gujarat. Thus, we ensure that only premium quality sesame are delivered to you.

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Sesame seeds exporter, HL Agro is constantly and totally dedicated to the manufacturing and processing of premium quality Indian sesame seeds since the last 20 years. The company not only produces several varieties of these seeds but also delivers them to various locations across the world. Sesame is basically a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum out of which sesame seeds are obtained or derived. Sesame seeds are among the oldest known oilseed crops and are loaded with the highest oil content among all the seed types. They are commonly used as an ingredient or constituent in many cuisines globally, thanks to their nutty texture and the rich flavor.

At HL Agro, we give utmost importance to quality right from the beginning. All the seeds that we process are sourced from the highly fertile regions of the Indo-Gangetic plains and Gujarat. After sourcing them, we make them go through quality check process and only then are they introduced to our processing plants. Our processing plants are not only established in green and environment-friendly infrastructure but also consist of state-of-the-art machinery which enables us to bring to you supreme quality sesame assortment. A few samples of these seeds are then sent to SGS which is a world renowned independent testing and certification agency so that they can undergo organic testing. Our products have been certified as organic by the internationally acclaimed independent agency, SGS, thus making us the leading processors of Organic Sesame Seeds.

HL Agro is an ISO 22000:2005 certified agricultural company which is a trusted brand as far as processing and exporting bulk sesame products is concerned. Our finest quality seeds are delivered not just across India but also many locations across the world. Our strength lies in our dedication towards serving our consumers and this is what drives us to constantly improve our efforts and infrastructure. The sesame varieties that we manufacture go through many quality controlled stages, depending upon the exact seed type. For example, the hulled sesame  go through three stages-cleaning, hulling and sorting whereas the natural sesame go through two stages-cleaning and sorting. Thanks to our use of cutting edge technology, we are currently capable of an annual production capacity of 22000 MT.

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Having been in the agro industry for nearly two decades, HL Agro Products Pvt. Ltd today stands at a leading position in the market with the ISO 22000:2005 certification.

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