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Tips for starting a corn starch processing busines in India.

Starting a Corn Starch Processing Business in 2023

Successful businesses must assess what people need, and what they want, and then supply them with those goods or services. The best businesses, especially during …

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Sesame Seeds health benefits

Sesame Seeds: A Natural Boost for Lowering Cholesterol

Sesame seeds may be tiny, but they are bursting with goodness that can work wonders for your heart health. These little powerhouses have been used …

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Cultivating Change: Must-Watch Agricultural Documentaries on Netflix

Are you bored at home with excess free time? Check out these new must-watch farming films. Perhaps this is the first step towards changing agricultural …

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6 amazing corn facts you didn't knew before

6 Amazing Corn Facts You Didn’t Knew Before

Corn is considered to be one of the major staple diets and important crops world over. This golden crop is known to be high in …

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Corn gluten , the derivative by-product of corn processing is widely used in animal feed industry.

Corn Gluten Meal: An Introduction

Corn gluten meal of CGM is a derivative or by product of maize or corn processing process. Here, the term ‘gluten’ does not refer to the traditional …

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Water filtration benefits in food processing

A Guide To Water Filtration For Safe Food Processing

Most of the things humanity can do are only possible because of access to clean food and water. It’s why food processing plants make it …

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