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Maize Starch Powder/Corn Starch Powder

Maize starch also known as Corn starch or flour is a fundamental ingredient in most of the packaged food and industrial products; it is extracted from the corn kernel and has a distinctive appearance and feed. As a Corn Starch Supplier, HL Agro addresses the diverse needs of food, paper & textile industries in India & abroad.

Starch is one of nature’s major renewable resources and a mainstay of our food and industrial economy. Maize or Corn Starch is a typical cereal starch with distinctly low protein and ash contents. The grain is quite nutritious, with a high percentage of easily digested carbohydrates, fats and proteins and hardly any deleterious substances.

HL Agro is the bulk manufacturer, global trader & exporter of powdered corn starch or maize starch from India. Maize starch is a native starch obtained from the wet milling of the whole corn grains. The product is very consistent in quality. Maize Starch powder exhibits all the properties of native starch with some special features such as non-foaming & non-thinning characteristics of boiling solution. Due to its great swelling properties when absorbing liquids, it is used as a thickener agent in many food products. Where high viscosity starch is used, it imparts higher tensile strength to the fiber and thus improves the sizing.

Corn-based Products

Maize Starch Powder/Corn Starch Powder

Starch is one of nature’s major renewable resources and a mainstay of our food and industrial economy.

Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries.

Maize Germ/Corn Germ

Maize germ is a high energy digestive feed offering a good source of ‘slow release’ starch.

Maize Gluten/Corn Gluten

Maize gluten is a palatable, economic source of protein, energy, organic acid, vitamins and minerals.

Maize Fiber/Corn Fiber

Corn fiber is a mixture of the seed coat and remaining endosperm of the kernel after the extraction of the starch gluten, and germ.

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