HL Agro affirms its food hygiene & safety norms with US FDA & Kosher

Kanpur, August 3′ 2017: HL Agro products, the noted manufacturer & exporter of sesame seeds & corn derivatives is pleased to announce the achievement of US FDA & Kosher certifications that qualify the purity, food hygiene & safety of its processed line of products. With the promise to uphold quality & dependability in every delivered product, FDA & Kosher accreditation is yet another benchmark that attests the integrity of HL Agro’s food ingredients & compliance with Food Safety regulations. The dual certification joins the league of existing ISO-22000: 2005, HACCP, Halal, USDA Organic and other GMP & Food Safety authorizations granted by the internationally recognized certification bodies. The value-added certifications will enable the entity to increase the confidence of its worldwide buyers & proliferate in global markets with ease & reliance.

With the US FDA testimony, HL Agro validates the regulatory status of its Sesame seeds with respect to the food-grade purity & compliance with specifications and limitations in all applicable authorizations. The authorization was granted basis three tier compliance procedure featuring the identity of substance, specifications including purity/ physical properties and limitations on the conditions of its usage. The KLBD Kosher seal, however, marks the food purity & safety of its sesame produce and confirms that it is not contaminated by pork products, shellfish, or their derivatives. HL Agro has verified the kosher status of its processed food ingredients following a comprehensive kosher program fully integrated with the manufacturing processes under the supervision of Kashrut division trained rabbi.

With a dedication to producing safe, clean and high-quality products for its customers, HL Agro consistently evolves the food safety and quality systems needed to meet all regulatory and global food safety standards. Speaking on the occasion, the Managing Director of the company Mr. Akhilesh Sahu, said: “We proactively effort to improve the nutrition profile of the food ingredients we offer while continuing to provide food safety, value & convenience to our customers.” “HL Agro delivers the products to thousands of customers across the globe, and that’s not something we take lightly. We are continually raising the bar on our internal practices & food safety,” he added.

The affiliation goes in line with the company’s top most priority of Quality and Safety for its consumers that uniformly applies to its entire portfolio, from food ingredients to processed products to all the systems and services.

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