Slots with a progressive jackpot

In the field of online gambling there is a type of slot machines that can bring the player a winnings of thousands, and some even millions of times more than the bet. These are jackpot slots, which, due to this special characteristic of huge winning potential, are worthy of being placed in a separate section. 

The fact that the probability of a big win on a slot machine attracts more players, noticed back at the beginning of the early XX-th century marketers Mills – one of the first manufacturers of slots for casinos. Then this feature began to try to lay in the mechanisms of their games and other creators of machines for gambling entertainment.

Initially, these were fixed jackpots, which can still be found most often. In other words, this is the amount of maximum winnings in a particular slot machine. The progressive jackpot has an even more attractive feature.

What is a progressive jackpot?

If you create a general definition of the term progressive jackpot for the sphere of gambling, it will be the following:

  • A progressive jackpot is the amount of the main prize in a game of chance, which is accumulated through several common gambling sources (lottery tickets, bets on a certain type of game) and which has no fixed limit.
  • But, if we consider a progressive jackpot slot machine, then here it is necessary to understand that it is about a certain or several slots and in the formation of the main prize involves players who spend time on it and make bets.
  • Earlier in the accumulation of such a jackpot involved a fairly small number of identical slots in one land-based casino, then their number increased to the network of offline casinos, and with the advent of the Internet, the boundaries have expanded to international scale, and the amount of progressive jackpot in some games began to reach fantastic size.

For example, the amount of winnings of more than $17 million on Mega Moolah slot machine of Microgaming provider or Mega Fortune of NetEnt.

Multiple jackpots in slots

Many developers of online slots to expand the prize potential, in addition to the main jackpot, include several additional jackpots. They fall out to players more often, but their amount because of this is smaller and sometimes does not even reach the amount that you can get in the game for one of the top combinations or in the bonus round.

How progressive jackpots are accumulated

Winnings, the amount of which grows on slots in progression, is formed by deducting a certain set percentage of each player’s bet. Let’s say the game is played at $1 per spin and at each spin in the total prize pool comes a couple or three cents.

Because of this, the RTP of almost all slots with a progressive jackpot is slightly less from the standard acceptable indicators. The most favorable and recommended for the game return percentage is around 96%. And in games with jackpot accumulation it is already closer to 90%. So those players who prefer to spend time at slot machines with high returns, it is worth considering.

Types of progressive jackpot

As for the scale of the network to accumulate a common pool, then here the progressive jackpot can be divided according to several signs:

  • autonomous progressive jackpot (separate, isolated) – is formed only on one slot, that is, the pool of each is isolated from the others. And such a prize does not reach large sums of millions of dollars;
  • local (in-house) – the zone of accumulation of the progressive jackpot is limited to one institution offline or online. The size of such a win is already much larger than in standalone progressive and its amount depends on the size of the institution itself, and how many games are combined in the network;
  • global – this is the most interesting and attractive progressive jackpots, as they are just a huge network, which can include thousands of slots located in different casinos around the world, and the deductions from the bet go into one piggy bank.

Therefore, if the choice of slot machine for the gambler depends on the presence of a progressive jackpot on it, it also takes into account the coverage of participants to accumulate the pool. But along with the increase in the amount, the chances of the probability of winning decreases.

How to win the accumulation jackpot?

The question of the possibility of ripping off a big score from a slot machine arises in every gambler. And, as frustrating as it may be, but the chances of a successful outcome is very small. Approximately how to win big in the lottery and, nevertheless, the lucky ones who for one spin became millionaires, are announced regularly. But certain strategies and systems that guarantee winning a progressive jackpot – no. Know this and if someone tries to convince you otherwise, then this person is either a scammer trying to get you some money, or he is poorly versed in the algorithms of modern slot machines.

Except that playing slots is much more exciting than playing the lottery, as the process is accompanied by continuous falling out of various combinations, freespins, bonus games and other prize elements.

The rate of increase in the amount of the progressive jackpot depends on the popularity of the slots that form it. That is, the more gamblers bet and the higher it is, the faster the growth of the main prize.

The only thing that can help increase the chances of winning, according to some casino streamers, professional players and representatives of the gambling industry themselves is the size of the bet. The rules of some slots with a progressive jackpot even specify that if the pay per spin is below a certain figure, then such a bet does not participate in the drawing of the main jackpot and provides only some probability of winning smaller prizes (mini, major, rapid, etc.), if any.

Growing Jackpot Indicator

In games with a progressive jackpot necessarily present its indicator, watching the figures of which the casino visitor gets a notion of the current amount of the main prize, and if it is rapidly increasing, and the approximate number of players trying to get it.

The most popular slot machines with a progressive jackpot now are those developed by providers Microgaming and NetEnt, and their games do break all records for maximum winnings. But, it is possible that the leaders any day to change, as there are many other developers that seek to gain a foothold in the top providers and provide the player slots with the most popular features: interactivity, colorful, exciting, a variety of bonus games and, of course, winning potential.

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