All you need to know about Corn Starch

Corn starch or maize starch is the name given to the derivative of the starch that is obtained from the corn/maize. The starch thus obtained is actually derived from the endosperm of the kernel. Corn starch, which is also popularly known as corn flour is a common ingredient in soups and sauces and is basically used to thicken them up. It is also used for making corn syrup and other forms of sugar as well. To know more about corn or maize starch, you can go through the following given information.

Manufacturing of corn starch

The first thing that is done to obtain corn or maize starch is that corn is steeped for a time span of about 48 hours and this results in its slight fermentation. Through this process, the endosperm and the germ are separated from each other and are ground in soaked condition, separately. The next step of the process is the removal of starch from each of these components through the process of washing. By making use of centrifuges and hydro cyclones, the starch is removed or separated from the cereal germ, the corn gluten, the corn fiber and corn steep liquor. After this, the process of drying follows. The final step of the process is the modification of the starch for particular uses and purposes.

Uses and applications of corn starch

There are innumerable uses and applications of maize or corn starch. The following are a few.

  • One of the cornstarch uses and benefits is that it is used as a thickening agent in several liquid based food items like gravies, soups, custards, and sauces etc.
  • Another important application of this starch is that it is used in products that play the role of anti-caking agents in powdered sugar. Most of the baby powders available in the market have corn starch as one of the ingredients.
  • There are many kinds of bioplastics in which this corn based starch is used as one of the agents and this too is an important use of the same.
  • Yet another use of maize starch is that it is added to the batter of chicken nuggets. What is does is that it raises the crispness as well as the rate of oil absorption after frying.
  • Maize starch is used as an anti-slick agent on several types of medical items such as medical gloves, condoms, and diaphragms, all of which are made using natural latex.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from glycogen storage diseases also find cornstarch beneficial since it can be used to supply glucose. Without this, these individuals may not be able to thrive or gain weight and may even die.
  • When mixed with certain fluid, cornstarch can result in a non-Newtonian fluid. One of the examples of the same is adding oil results in an electrorheological fluid whereas adding water results in the formation of Oobleck.
  • Corn or maize starch is also used to result food production costs by several manufacturers.

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