Maize Fiber/Corn Fiber

Maize fiber is a food grade product made from the outer layer of corn/maize. HL Agro offers the replete range of coarse fiber & fine fiber to supplement the ever increasing insoluble fiber needs of the customers in India & abroad. 

Corn fiber is a mixture of the seed coat and remaining endosperm of the kernel after the extraction of the starch, gluten, and germ. Fiber is composed of 21% protein, 18% starch, and 30% fibre which makes it ideal as an ingredient for animal feed. Fiber can be mixed with concentrated steeping liquor (called Gluten Feed). Despite it’s high portion of the fiber, it can still be regarded as an energy source. The level of protein degradability is an important factor when considering protein levels in the diet of livestock. The fiber produced from the corn wet milling process is somewhat more digestible than in the dry form.

HL Agro is the processor, supplier & exporter of maize fiber in India. It manufactures the dry fiber under strict quality control measures to retain its purity & make them export ready for worldwide markets. Maize enriched fiber is the pericarp of the maize grain, it is yellow to light brown colored odorless fiber and free from harmful constituents and rancidity. Corn fiber is a good source of energy for cattle & poultry as it contains the essential amino acids and vitamins.

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Maize Fiber Exporters & Suppliers- HL Agro

With our quality-centric processing procedures, HL Agro stands as the reliable source in the field of corn fiber manufacturing. Derived from natural resources our maize fiber provides the best choice to our customers. And our environment-friendly approach enables us to produce and offer finest products in a profound way. For the ease of our clients, we pack the entire assortment using best quality packaging materials in order to keep it protected from unwanted elements like dust, insects, flies, and other contamination.

We at HL Agro follow core industrial norms & standards while processing the product, so as to ensure its perfection in terms of purity and effectiveness. As a result we cater to the comprehensive as well as essential needs of our industrial and domestic clients.  

Technical Aspects (HL Agro Guarantee)

  • Moisture (14% Max)
  • Oil (3% Max)
  • Protein (6% Min)

Uses & Benefits of Dry Fibre

Maize fiber, when dried through a industrial dryer or sun dried, is dry fiber. Due to its property, dry fiber is used in the manufacturing of oil cakes and cattle feed. The by-product of the wet-milling process, corn fiber is used to create starches, sweeteners and ethanol. The many advantages of maize fiber include its positive effect on digestive health and prebiotic properties. At about 90% insolubility, corn or maize fiber is a high-content insoluble fiber with low acidity.

HL Agro’s processed maize fiber has many uses as a nutraceutical ingredient. It can be processed to extract corn fiber oil and gum. Corn fiber may also be used in the production of xylitol, a popular, low-calorie sweetener. The fiber content of corn fiber is not affected by pasteurization, making it an ideal ingredient for beverage manufacturers. As a food ingredient, maize fiber is often used in soups, cereals, dressings and sauces.

At HL Agro, we are dedicated to research, develop and offer a high quality stock of maize enriched fiber, made of natural raw material. With our offered dry maize fiber products, we provide comprehensive solutions to various industries such as cattle breeding, filtration and food applications.

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