Maize Germ/Corn Germ

Corn germ is an attractive medium protein and energy ingredient for many ruminant applications that offers a protein rich feed for swine and poultry due to its rich digestible amino acids. HL Agro is a top-notch manufacturer & exporter of maize germ that employs latest milling techniques to deliver the pure, quality-checked and oil-rich germ.

Maize germ is a high energy digestive feed offering a good source of ‘slow release’ starch. Germ is one of the ingredients of the maize which is separated in maize crushing process. Corn germ is the embryo of the kernel found in its centre and is comprised of fat (50%), starch (14%) and protein (13%). The germ can be processed into corn oil, which can then be further processed into cooking oil, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing, soaps and a variety of other products.

HL Agro is an illustrious manufacturer, supplier & exporter that offers corn germ at nominal rates to worldwide buyers. Corn Germ, in its natural form, is a yellow coloured seed that is free from rancidity, insects, fungus and harmful constituents. This is valuable by-product being rich in oil. It has a pleasant nutty taste when fresh but can quickly become rancid if not procured within a short time after milling. Corn oil contains a high level of polyunsaturated fats, which is effective in lowering cholesterol levels as compared to animal fats. After the extraction of the corn oil from the germ, the residue is used in corn germ meal as animal feed primarily for pigs and poultry.

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We, at HL Agro, offer corn products by fabricating them in our fully equipped production unit under the guidance of experienced professionals. The offered corn germ undergoes wet milling process under the supervision of our expert quality professionals and is checked on wide parameters of quality before it comes out as a finished product.

Our quality control spans across, from the procurement of the corn to the processing and shipping to our clients. We believe in working meticulously and rigorously on a plan of action and providing a clear, time honoured and a transparent account to our clients and satisfying them thoroughly of their queries. A series of stringent quality checks are observed right from the choice of the cultivation, procurement of the crop, to the specification of the incoming raw material & their processing. Furthermore, sorting & packaging necessities are guarded by qualified and experienced hands and utmost care and co-operation for shipping is provided to our buyers.

HL Agro supplements customers across the globe with premium maize germ at market leading prices.


  • Less Than 6% Moisture Guaranteed
  • FFA (3% Max)
  • Fiber (5.00% Max)
  • Oil Content (40%-50%) Guaranteed

Uses of Maize Germ:

Corn germ is an attractive medium protein and energy ingredient for many ruminant applications and offers a suitable alternative protein source for swine and poultry due to its rich digestible amino acids. Germ usually boasts about 45% to 50% of oil content with low cholesterol level.

Primarily used for extracting oil and processing alcohol, our germ product is highly praised for its health benefits. Maize Germ once passed through an expeller results in two major products, Maize oil and Maize oil cake, the cake provides nutritive addition to cattle feed; whereas corn oil is mainly used in cooking, where its high smoke point makes it a valuable frying oil. It is also a key ingredient in some margarine.

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