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Maize starch also known as Corn starch or flour is a fundamental ingredient in most of the packaged food and industrial products; it is extracted from the corn kernel and has a distinctive appearance and feed. As a Corn Starch Supplier, HL Agro addresses the diverse needs of food, paper & textile industries in India & abroad. 

Starch is one of nature’s major renewable resources and a mainstay of our food and industrial economy. Maize or Corn Starch is a typical cereal starch with distinctly low protein and ash contents. The grain is quite nutritious, with a high percentage of easily digested carbohydrates, fats and proteins and hardly any deleterious substances.

HL Agro is the bulk manufacturer, global trader & exporter of powdered corn starch or maize starch from India. Maize starch is a native starch obtained from the wet milling of the whole corn grains. The product is very consistent in quality. Maize Starch powder exhibits all the properties of native starch with some special features such as non-foaming & non-thinning characteristics of boiling solution. Due to its great swelling properties when absorbing liquids, it is used as a thickener agent in many food products. Where high viscosity starch is used, it imparts higher tensile strength to the fiber and thus improves the sizing.

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HL Agro is a well-known manufacturer & exporter of maize starch and corn derivatives hailing from India. At HL Agro, we meticulously isolate our native starch from plant sources without altering their chemical structure that retains the purity and enhances the shelf life.  Having properties like texturing, binding, thickening, filler, anti-lumping, dust aid, our maize starch powder is widely used in textile, food, paper and packaging industries across the globe.

While we supply basic unmodified starches for general-purpose use, our specialization lies in creating starches designed to suit specific and unique customer needs. Our product line has evolved to solve very specific product integrity challenges to meet the demands of a changing marketplace, to match the requirements of new processes, product forms, and ingredient selections. We can offer the correct starch solution depending upon the specific function desired.

The close collaboration with our customers and development of customized solutions have allowed us to continuously expand and achieve economic success in the starch industry. The main focus lies in manufacturing super quality maize starch powder & other corn by-products with modern and environmentally friendly methods. Numerous industry sectors are being supplied with HL Agro’s native starch and starch specialty products.

Technical Aspects (HL Agro Guarantee)

  • Moisture (13.00% Max)
  • Viscosity (Min 30sec on Red Wood Viscometer)
  • Sulphated Ash (NMT 0.5%)
  • Free Acidity for 100gm (NMT 40ml)
  • Sieve Retention (1.50 % Max on 100 Mesh)
  • White to slightly yellowish powder
  • Protein DS (0.60% Max)
  • 4-7pH for 10% solution
  • So2 (Max 100ppm)
  • Extractable matter (Max 0.25)
  • Iron (Max 40ppm)

Uses & Benefits of Corn Starch

Maize Starch has four major properties that make it useful in food and industrial applications. The first property, thickening, gives many food products such as puddings, gravies, sauces and pie fillings their desired consistency. This property is also useful in many industrial starch applications. The second useful physicochemical property is the ability of the starch paste to disperse and suspend other ingredients or particulate matter. In many foods, fats and proteins are suspended and/or emulsified in starch pastes. In the manufacturing of paper and adhesives, clay particles are suspended in thick starch pastes.

When maize starch pastes are allowed to cool, they thicken and can congeal into a semisolid gel. The third useful property, gel formation, provides the body typical of starch-based puddings, salad dressings and some types of adhesives. The fourth useful physicochemical property of starch paste is its ability to produce strong adhesive films when spread on smooth surfaces and dried. The major industrial uses of powdered corn starch, such as paper coating and sizing, textile sizing, corrugated board manufacture and all adhesive applications utilize this property.

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