5 Amazing Superfoods For Boosting Performance

If you are someone who has been spending long hours in the gym but are unable to see the desired results then you must remember that working out alone won’t help. Diet plays a major role in improving your overall physical fitness and without eating proper foods; you may not be able to boost your performance to the levels expected. So to enhance working out capability and seeing desired results quickly, you can refer to the following given list of the most amazing superfoods.

  1. Brown rice– Brown rice are loaded with the carbohydrates which give you optimum energy and are also packed in with a lot of fiber which makes you feel full fast. It is a good idea to include brown rice in your diet on a regular basis if you are sweating it out in the gym daily. Also, superfood brown rice can help you avoid cramps if eaten about an hour before the workout or a running session.
  2. Pineapple-Pineapples are amazing post workout superfoods which can be eaten after a rigorous session of running. This fruit contains bromelain which has naturally anti-inflammatory properties and due to this; the superfood helps to accelerate the muscle repair.
  3. Sesame seeds– Natural sesame seeds are packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a lot of fiber, all of which provide the right energy and activeness needed for a good training sessions. These superfoods sesame seeds make you feel energised before and after the workout and consuming them on a regular basis can prevent muscle and bone wear and tear as well, thanks to presence of calcium.
  4. Greek yoghurt– Greek yoghurt is very useful for boosting performance as it consists of several minerals needed for physical workouts. The presence of calcium in it keeps the bones strong and can help to keep away from stress fractures whereas on the other hand, the presence of protein can aid quicker muscle recovery.
  5. Eggs– Eggs contain a lot of protein and are also packed in with amino acids which help with recovery. The presence of vitamin K promotes bone health which too contributes to the fact that they are useful for workouts and boosting performance.

So if you wish to enhance your performance and remain fit and active, opt for these 5 superfoods and include them in your diet regularly. Organic sesame seeds along with all the other above mentioned foods are easily available in India. India is one of the top sesame seed manufacturers and sesame seed exporters in the world. It is thanks to companies like HL Agro that sesame is produced in bulk in the country. HL Agro is a name synonymous with best quality sesame in the world.

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