7 Things to Know Before You Start Taking Natural Sweeteners

Eating sweet things is practically unavoidable because, after all, they are incredibly delicious! They help boost our mood and activate our brain’s reward system. However, excessive sugar consumption can lead to a range of health issues. Becoming very indulgent with sugary items is not healthy for our bodies.

Various sweet ingredients are available for people to use for their dessert recipes and good manufacturing. This includes both artificial sweeteners, like corn sweeteners, and natural sweeteners. Many claim natural sweeteners as a healthy alternative to consuming traditional sweet items that use liquid glucose or corn sweetener. But are natural sweeteners really better than processed products? We will answer this and more in the following article. Let’s dive into the 7 things to know before you start taking natural sweeteners.

1. Natural sweeteners have a negligible amount of nutrients.

Corn sweeteners are made by refining, and many believe that the minerals and nutrients inside the ingredients are stripped away. They think natural sweeteners, like honey and maple syrup, are in their raw or minimally-refined state, meaning they retain their nutrients. However, the number of nutrients is negligible as sweet desserts are never meant to be healthy, no matter how much you try. These desserts will never be able to fulfill your nutrient requirements, and you are better off consuming a healthy diet alongside traditional liquid glucose desserts.

2. Natural sweeteners differ in taste from corn sweeteners.

Since natural sweeteners are close to their raw state, they have a different taste and texture. They typically have a darker texture than artificial sweeteners like liquid glucose, which has a more white and transparent color. As a result, they have a very caramel-like taste. Because of this taste profile, they are more suitable for certain dishes than others. On the other hand, you cannot substitute them for corn sweeteners in items like soft drinks and fruit juices. Corn sweeteners are much better for products like these and are the most widely used sweetener.

3. Corn sweeteners are available in a consistent form compared to natural sweeteners.

Natural sweeteners are available in various options, but the taste can often differ since they are raw. This is not a good thing for companies that put out products with a consistent taste. Consumers want consistent products as they like products that are familiar and consistently delicious.

Corn Sweeteners or Liquid Glucose syrups has an important place in the sweet manufacturing business. It is preferred in baking for sweetening as well as for sensory attributes, such as color, consistency and texture. Corn sweeteners are deemed to be an ideal option because they are made with strict quality control, ensuring a uniform product that ticks all the boxes.

4. Natural sweeteners are not suitable for candy and baked food items.

Corn sweetener syrups are made to control sugar crystals’ formation. Additionally, it has moisture-retaining properties that keep the food moist and fresh. These factors are pretty crucial when candy and baked goods are being manufactured.

Therefore, natural sweeteners are not ideal for this purpose. On the other hand, corn sweeteners can help fulfill these requirements and allow such goods to be manufactured on a large scale.

5. Natural sweeteners can be expensive to manufacture.

When it comes to food item manufacturing, creating products that are within budget is quite crucial. This is where liquid glucose trumps natural sweeteners and other sweeteners like corn syrup. This is because it is made with readily available corn while not using whole kernels like corn syrup. Natural sweeteners are often more expensive as they are made from less readily available sources.

6. Natural sweeteners and liquid glucose are compatible with vegan diets.

There are many claims that natural sweeteners are better than liquid glucose because they are made with natural ingredients, making them ideal for a vegan diet. However, liquid glucose is vegan as no animal products are used inside. It is made with corn, a vegan ingredient, by heating the starch at high temperatures in the presence of enzymes. Therefore, you can certainly use liquid glucose to make an assortment of vegan dishes, specially baked and confectionary goods.

7. Natural sweeteners should be consumed in moderation, just like corn sweeteners.

Natural sweeteners may be healthier than artificial sweeteners, but you should still eat them in moderation. This is because you should consume a particular recommended amount of sugar daily, whether obtained through liquid glucose or natural sweeteners. You should stay below this limit regardless of the natural sweetener you use. As a result, natural sweeteners are not better regarding the amount of sugar you can consume.

In conclusion

Eating sugar is practically unavoidable because it is used in many recipes and manufacturing processes. People also tend to have sugar cravings that they tend to indulge in. This results in high sugar consumption, which is unsuitable for your health.

Many people claim that natural sweeteners are better, but as seen in this article, these claims are not always correct. Just as calories in moderation are not bad for you, natural and artificial sweeteners in moderation are also not bad for you. Therefore, you should consume sugar in moderation regardless of the sweetener you use. We have seen how liquid glucose is a much more budget-friendly and ideal product for manufacturing candy and baked goods.

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