9 Untold Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Every Indian kitchen has sesame seeds or commonly known as Til. Sesame seed are traditionally used by our ancestors to get the health benefits from it. Though presently, these are not much incorporated in our dishes to the extent they were used before. These seeds are the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals as they are excellent source of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, copper, vitamin B complex and is high in fiber, protein and antioxidants.

I love sesame seeds! I love how it enhances the taste of the cuisine over which they are sprinkled. These seeds are not only used in Indian cuisines, but the burger buns even have sesame seed scattered over them while baking. These seeds give you a nutty flavour. And when these buns are used to make burgers, the sources provide a great taste to it and turn out to be a great combination. Who said Burgers are unhealthy! A sprinkle of sesame seed over the burger buns make it a healthy treat for everyone. While eating a sesame seed bun burger at Burger King and McDonald’s, we are adding the nutrition of seeds into our health.

Today, not only small restaurants but also 5 -star restaurants serve the dishes with added sesame seeds. Who does not know about Honey Chilly Potatoes or has never tasted it? No one, right. Honey Chilly Potatoes are topped with these seeds to enhance the dish’s taste. And yes, the seeds play a significant role in the taste of this dish. Every High-Profile Restaurant serves this dish with sesame seed.

I just liked the taste and crunch it adds to the burger buns or any dish but now after getting to know about its health benefits. I will love to add sesame seeds in my diet every day. Let me share some health benefits of sesame seeds with you.

Good for hair and skin

Sesame seed and the oil of it provides us with the nutrition that helps to attain a glowing skin and fair hair strength. The folic acid present in the seeds will promote hair growth and healthy skin. You can use its oil once in a week to get the best results.

Bone strength

As we say, “stronger the bones, stronger you are” this is why you should take care of your bones. The calcium present in the seeds further helps in making stronger bones. And the zinc present in the seeds even strengthens the structure of the bones. Making you into a healthy being.

Controls Blood Sugar levels

The seeds are packed with high protein, healthy fat and fewer carbohydrates which makes it work as a natural blood sugar regulator. Not only the seeds but its oil even serves this purpose well. So, to have control over your blood sugar add these nutritional seeds into your diet and be healthy.

Blood pressure control

The fats present in the seeds and its oil helps in controlling the blood pressure. It also prevents hypertension.

High energy source

They are a good source of energy as the seeds contain Omega 3 fat. It also has fiber, protein, calcium, iron and magnesium that are great at providing you with the energy.

Reduces respiratory issues

These healthy seeds contain magnesium which helps in the cure of respiratory problems and it also contains copper which helps in rheumatoid arthritis. It also prevents spasm in the airway of an asthma patient.

Promotes Thyroid health

Our thyroid glands have a high amount of selenium. Sesame seeds contain 18 % of the selenium which helps the thyroid gland in producing the thyroid hormone. The iron, zinc, copper and vitamin B6 present in the seeds is an excellent aid in hormone production.

Boosts Immunity

Immunity is something that should be strong enough to fight any health issues. Eating the sesame seeds will boost your immunity with the zinc content present in them as zinc activate T-lymphocytes, which are part of the immunity system.

Improves Mental health

The seed oil, when consumed, helps in producing serotonin which is a chemical that can lead to depression and stress if any imbalance occurs, so the seeds help in maintaining a balance of this chemical. You can even use sesame seed oil to massage to reduce headache.

By simply adding this small powerhouse of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, you can see a healthy you and with a healthy body, you can see a happy you. Do not go over the size of these seeds as there are big things in this small package. So, enjoy these little crunchy and nutty seeds traditionally in the form of Ladoos and otherwise in your salads, chicken, vegetables, smoothies and yes, not to forget burgers.

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