A brief introduction to the Food-Grade Glucose Syrup: Liquid Glucose

A highly processed product, glucose syrup has the ability to enhance color, texture, flavor & stability of multifarious cuisines & baking products. The liquid glucose syrup finds its applications in a variety of products like confectionery, beverages & other dairy products.

Glucose syrup is a form of liquid sweetener which is made from hydrolyzing glucose molecules through the strings of glucose that make up starchy foods. Potato, corn, rice and wheat starches are most commonly used to make the glucose syrup.

As added sugars, glucose syrup & corn syrup are very much similar to each other. The glucose syrup is usually made from corn starch, so the terms “glucose syrup” and “corn syrup” are often used interchangeably. Either of them is aqueous solutions of several compounds, principally glucose, dextrose, and maltose in distinct proportions. The real difference, however, is that the glucose syrup being an invert sugar will not return back to the crystal form as the corn syrup verily does.

Liquid glucose can be readily used as a substitute for sugar or honey in various cuisines that demand a lesser degree of sweetness. The glucose syrup has drastically replaced sugar in energy drinks & commercially produced lemonade. It also finds its application in cough medication & vitamin tonics.

The liquid sweetener with a remarkable flavor & volume enhancing capabilities endorses superior results in culinary applications. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to limit your intake of any of the additives to latch on a sanguine health status.

A Look into Nutrition:

Nutritional profile of the liquid glucose syrups may vary basis the manufacturer & source of sugar in the respective syrups. As a matter of fact, both the syrups are a concentrated source of calories with minimal nutritional value.

A one tablespoon serving of a corn syrup holds 70 calories, 17 grams of carbs and 6 milligrams of sodium.

How to Use?

Liquid glucose can be comfortably used as an ingredient in multifarious recipes. The glucose syrup exhibits an exceptional ability to control sweetening and thus, are commonly added in bakery and confectionery items. Moreover, it lends the optimal volume & texture which helps in achieving the desired physical characteristics of various cuisines. The latent consistency levels empower the sweetener to prevent crystallization and make them a perfect choice for candies and frozen dessert recipes. You can also use the glucose syrup as a sweet glaze for ham, poultry or fish or as the sweet element in a sweet-and-sour Asian dish.

How to Store?

  • Glucose syrups are prone to evaporation and thus should be stored in air-tight containers at a cool and dry place.
  • Not to be exposed to direct sunlight and humidity.
  • Advisable to store the solution under refrigeration to avoid any potential damage and spoilage.

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