Liquid Glucose – The Answer to Perfect Cakes, Candies & Chocolates

One of the main by-products or derivatives of the process of corn starch processing is liquid glucose. Liquid glucose, which is also often termed as corn syrup is made from corn starch by acid hydrolysis or enzyme intervention. This by-product is one of the most useful side products obtained from the method and is used in many industries for several applications. Because of its sweet taste and texture, it is a primary ingredient used in the food industry. For example, it is used to prepare jams, jellies, several desserts, baking products and chewing gums etc. It is also used to prepare canned fruits syrup and glazed fruits which are available in packaged form in the market. To know more about the same, you can go through the following given information.

Liquid glucose has high osmotic pressure due to which it helps to maintain flavour and extend the shelf life in preserved fruits, jams and glazed fruits etc. Without it, it is difficult to prepare these items and it hence is an important ingredient for the entire food and beverage industry. Due to its high viscousness, it increases the texture and flavour in fruit juices, tinned fruits and syrups. Another reason why it is used as a primary ingredient in these foods is because it has high hydroscopicity. It helps to maintain the softness of taste and also improves the life of products like cakes, breads and soft candies etc. The fact that it has low ice point and crystallization resistance further helps it to maintain the flavour and also increase the output in beverages.

It is used to prepare many kinds of torrefied foods like cakes and breads. This is so because it has low fermentability. It makes cakes much more crisp and keeps breads soft and elastic. What it does is that it helps us keep these products fresh for a long time and decreases the chances of lumping. It also prevents deterioration in sweetened bean paste as well. Liquid glucose has high hydroscopicity due to which it aids in maintaining the stable moisture as well as soft taste in torrefied foods.

There are many companies that are the bulk producers of corn starch, engaged in the processing of starch through the process of corn wet milling. It is through these methods that liquid glucose or corn syrup is produced as a derivative. It is then further refined and sold to industries where it can be used. In India, companies like HL Agro are the leading players in this industry and are known to produce liquid glucose and other corn starch derivatives in bulk amounts for trading purposes. Indian origin corn starch derivatives are high in quality and are exported to several other nations. HL Agro too exports liquid glucose in bulk quantities globally and keeps increasing its production year after year. To place your wholesale order of the same, you can contact it by phone or email.

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