Applications of Liquid Glucose in different industries

The process of partial hydrolysis of the starch slurry by making use of enzyme or acid produces an end product which is commonly termed as liquid glucose or corn syrup. It is basically a clear, viscous, colorless solution which makes it compatible with the properties and characteristics needed in the end products. Some of the functional properties of liquid glucose include viscosity, high fermentability, humectancy, colligative properties, and sweetness. Corn syrup finds use in many industries due to its characteristics and to know more about the applications of liquid glucose, you can go through the information that has been given below.

  • In the food technology industry, the applications of liquid glucose relates to controlling crystallization, osmotic pressure, sweetness and bodily appearance. It is also used in jams, jellies and hard boiled candies as a preservative.
  • In the pharmacy industry, corn syrup is added to cough syrups as well as vitamin based tonics. In liquid honey, it is also used as a base and this is its other useful application in this industry. Pharmacists also often use it as a granulating agent and also for tablet coating.
  • In the world of baking, corn syrup is used for fermentation with yeast so as to raise certain bakery products. Dairyman adds it to the ice where it helps to improve the palatability as well as the texture. It also helps to improve the flavours. Bakers around the world also use liquid glucose as an alternative to sucrose as corn syrup too has the sweetness needed in bakery or dairy products. This is a kind of a sweetener which effectively contributes to a much firmer and chewier body to ice creams. Liquid glucose also helps to improve the shelf life of these products.
  • Tobacco specialists use liquid glucose to improve the flavour in tobacco and also to cure it.
  • When it comes to chemical engineering, the applications of liquid glucose are massive wherein it is used as a raw material for citric acid, kojic acid as well as gluconic acid.
  • A tanner makes use of liquid glucose to ensure that the texture remains smooth and also to enhance the overall weight. A tanner also makes use of corn syrup to precipitate chrome into the body of leather, thanks to the reducing action that it provides. It is also added to shoe polish so as to prevent it from caking. Corn syrup also gives it certain sheen.

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