Benefits of Sesame Seeds in Chinese Medicine

Sesame seeds are often considered one of the healthiest seeds on the planet and also one of the oldest. There are many evidences that these seeds were used widely by ancient Babylon and ancient Chinese for eradication of age related diseases as well as for preventing premature greying of hair. Natural sesame seeds are given a lot of importance in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Known as Heizhima in Mandarin these seeds can be eaten raw and also in their cooked form. The following are some of the best-known benefits of sesame seeds according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

• The number one benefit that white sesame seeds or black sesame seeds offer is their ability to combat aging and fighting illnesses which are related to old age.

• TCM states that sesame seeds move through the liver, large intestine and kidney meridians and channels inside the body through which the vital energy or Qi travels. For the body to function properly and healthily, it is very important for the flow of Qi to be smooth and unhindered.

• Sesame seeds are sweet tasting seeds which are neutral in nature and often regarded as a yin tonic in Chinese medicine. Yin is that element which is responsible for the cooling and moistening of the body. So when there is lack of yin there is an imbalance between the yin and yang and this can affect the health. What this yin deficiency also does is that it affects the kidneys and some signs of this problem include sore throat, night sweats and a red tongue. When it affects the liver, the signs include red and dry eyes, irritability and a quick pulse.

Black sesame seeds are considered an amazing way to address the yin deficiency in the kidneys as well as the liver. One can either consume these seeds alone or in combination with herbs like rehmannia root and glossy privet fruit so as to nourish the blood as well as the jing. Jing is basically a substance that is used for regeneration and reproduction in the body.

• Black sesame seeds are also considered helpful for the large intestines since they have a moistening effect which can promote regular bowel movements. These seeds can be used in combination with hemp seeds and Chinese angelica for this very purpose.

India is one of the top producers and exporters of sesame seeds in the world. Sesame seeds are widely used in Indian cuisine and recipes and promote health and well-being. A well-known sesame seeds manufacturer, HL Agro ranks amongst the top-notch sesame seed exporters in India, thriving globally basis its wide scale production abilities of hulled and unhulled varieties of the Indian sesame seeds.

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