Brown sesame seeds for oil extraction procedure

Sesame seeds are nutrient rich seeds which are available in many varieties and are used for a plethora of purposes. These seeds are available in their white, black and brown varieties, all of which serve different uses. Brown sesame seeds are the seeds that are mainly used for oil extraction. The resultant oil is termed as sesame oil which is an edible vegetable oil. Besides being used as cooking oil in Southern India, it is also used as a flavour improver in Middle Eastern, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian cuisines. Sesame oil which is obtained from brown sesame seeds is known for its nutty texture and flavour, which it gets from its raw seed product.

Another use of sesame oil is as an alternative medicine. It is used for traditional massages as well as various treatments in modern day medicine. Sesame oil is mainly composed of oleic acid, linolenic acid, fatty acids, stearic acid and palmitic acid and some other acids in very little quantities.

Sesame oil manufacturing from Brown Sesame Seeds

Brown sesame seeds are covered by a protective capsule which tends to burst only once the seeds are ripe. This process is termed as dehiscence. The process of oil extraction needs fully automated oil extraction and processing techniques and depending upon the equipment and materials, the oil may be extracted using different methods. As far as developed countries are concerned, the oil is extracted using expeller press, which is a larger scale oil extraction machine while in developing countries, manual and less expensive methods and techniques are used. Some of these include bridge presses, hot water floatation, ram presses, ghani process or a small scale expeller.

The process used in most cases is called cold pressing. This type of extraction method is popular among raw food adherents since it avoids the process of exposing the sesame oil to high temperatures and even to chemical solvents during the extraction procedure. The sesame oil thus produced is basically a polyunsaturated semi drying oil. The commercial oil available in the market may be of many different forms including light yellow to deep reddish yellow.

Uses and applications

The sesame seed oil produced from brown sesame seeds is most popularly used in Asia where its use is similar to that of Olive oil. In East Asian cuisines, this oil is used as roasted oil for seasoning. In China, it is used for cooking and preparation of a wide variety of meals. As far as its use in Japan is concerned, this oil is used to make a paste called rayu which is made of chili sesame oil seasoning. In India, especially in the southern regions, sesame oil was earlier used to make curries and gravies and is still used in states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to be mixed with foods.

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