Best Ways To Incorporate Sesame Seeds in Diet

Even inspite of their small size, seeds and nuts offer us many incredible health benefits and keep us away from a gamut of health problems. One such seed variety which truly can do wonders for your healthy is sesame seed. Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, protein, calcium and healthy fats, the small nutty seeds are the powerhouse of a food. But it is important to know how to consume these seeds and how to incorporate them into your diet for utilizing maximum of their benefits. The following are some of the best ways to add these seeds to your diet.

  1. Tahini-tahini is a popular dip or sauce in the Arabic cuisine and is also one which is used to hummus, which again is a popular dip. Tahini is made using roasted sesame seeds as well as vegetable oil and using it in your salads, as a side dip and as a sandwich dressing is a superb way to incorporate these seeds to your diet.
  2. Over salads-another way in which you can make the most of sesame seeds is by roasting and crunching them and then using them on the top of salads. Doing this will add a layer of texture and mouthful of taste to your salads and also lets you eat your favourite salad with a healthy twist.
  3. Raw-another way to consume the seeds is in their raw form. Yes, you can easily add raw sesame seeds to any side dish for the extra flavour and crunch. You can add them to bean dishes and vegetable dishes.
  4. Sesame oil-another brilliant way to include the seeds in your diet so that most of their benefits can be obtained is by using sesame oil as cooking oil. This not only helps you use the seeds to cook most of your foods but is a healthy alternative to many harmful oils.
  5. Sesame milk just like the way you make and drink almond milk and hemp milk, you can also make sesame milk and drink one full glass of it every day. This helps you enjoy all of its nutrients and pack a heavy dose of calcium to your diet.

There are many other recipes that include the seeds but the mentioned ones are the most popular ways to have these healthy seeds. Sesame seeds are grown all over the world but they are mainly grown and manufactured in bulk quantities in India, Mexico, China, Thailand and some other places. There is no dearth of sesame seeds exporter and manufacturers bringing us the best quality sesame seeds year after year. Make sure you follow the above methods to gain the nutrition these seeds offer.

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