Four Commonly Used Varieties of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are believed to have originated in India and date back to 1600 BC. Ever since they were first originated, they have proved to be excellent for human health. They are loaded with many useful nutrients and minerals which work for the body in many ways, preventing many health conditions and boosting the overall health. But since there are many different kinds of sesame seeds, the benefits too may vary from variety to variety. India ranks amongst the major sesame seeds exporter around the world. This is why; we have brought to you a list of the four commonly used varieties of sesame seeds.

Hulled Sesame Seeds
This is one of the most common and healthiest varieties of sesame seeds. Hulled sesame seeds are basically those kinds of sesame seeds from which the outer husk or hull has been removed. While this process of removing the husk is practiced by many sesame seeds manufacturers, the process, machinery and skill used to do so may vary greatly. HL Agro is one of the best sesame seeds exporter and manufacturer of hulled sesame seeds, known for its high-quality hulling process.

Unhulled Sesame Seeds
As the name suggests, unhulled sesame seeds are those kinds of sesame seeds whose hull or outer skin hasn’t been removed. These seeds go through a step lesser during the manufacturing process as compared to hulled and are known to have higher benefits too. The outer skin is considered to be nutritious and thus this variety is used for many purposes and in many recipes across the world.

White/Natural Sesame Seeds
Another variety of sesame seeds that you must know about is the white sesame seed variety. White/Natural sesame seeds are considered to be those sesame seeds which are in their purest form. You must have seen these seeds sprinkled on top of burgers, donuts and other kinds of desserts and snacks. They have a very rich flavor and texture and are among the most commonly used sesame seeds in the world. Within the variety of white sesame seeds, both hulled and unhulled varieties can be found.

Black Sesame Seeds
Black sesame seeds are also considered to be the most nutritional variety of sesame. Black Sesame SeedsThe ancient Chinese believed that the nutrients present in the Black sesame seeds could cure many kinds of body infections which are caused due to aging, worrying, anxiety and others kinds of tolls in life. These seeds are loaded with zinc and calcium due to which they provide prevention of many health conditions that are caused due to aging. These seeds are mixed in yughurts and many kinds of dishes across the world. Black sesame seeds are further divided into two types-hulled black sesame seeds and unhulled black sesame seeds.

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