Best Ways To Use Sesame Seeds For Hair Growth

The constant exposure to sun, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle practices can create havoc for the hair and the skin. Most of us are trying to find solutions to improve the health and texture of our hair and tend to turn to chemical laden products for the same. But it is important to remember that it is always better to try home remedies and natural products for the best results. One such natural solution for hair growth and nourishment is sesame. Yes, sesame seeds can be used in many ways to boost hair growth and health and some of them have been given as follows.

• Eat A Handful
One of the best ways to use sesame seeds for hair growth is to chew a handful of the white variety every day. This is the best way to extract the maximum benefits of the seeds. Sesame seeds consist of many vitamins and minerals which can be great for the hair health and the best time to eat them is in the morning.

Use Sesame Oil for Cooking
Sesame seeds are commonly used to extract oil out of them and this oil is known as sesame oil. This oil can be used for the purpose of cooking. You can use this oil not just for sautéing but also for frying and baking. There are many cuisines in the world that use this oil for cooking on a regular basis because it has many nutrients good for health as well as for the hair.

• Hair Massage
Another way to utilize the many benefits of sesame seeds for hair growth is to use them to massage your scalp. For this, you first need to warm up some seeds with any carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil or even sesame oil and then massage the liquid on the scalp. Use the remaining oil for application on the hair strands. Now cover your hair and scalp using a warm towel and leave it there for about half to one hour. After this, rinse your hair with water and shampoo. Repeat this process for about 1-2 weeks and you will see an immediate difference in your hair growth and hair quality.

• Hair Masks
Sesame seeds or sesame oil can also be used in hair masks for boosting hair growth and quality. For this, you need to mix good quality sesame oil in any homemade or natural hair mask and then apply this mixture on your hair. Leave it there for about half to one hour and then rinse hair for seeing the magical effect.

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