The Benefits of Sesame Seeds In Weight Loss

It is a well-known fact that seeds and nuts are important for our health and well-being. The little kernels are packed with nutrients and are powerhouses of minerals and vitamins that are most essential for our bodies. One of the seeds which are often considered as the healthiest in the world is sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are obtained from sesame crops and offer much amazing health and nutritional benefits. Besides being good for the heart and bones, these seeds can also help with weight loss. Yes, you read that right. The following are some of the sesame seeds benefits in weight loss.

• It is important to know that these seeds do not automatically make you get rid of a few pounds. What they really do is that they contain a number of substances and compounds which make it easy for you to stick to your weight loss diet and daily calorie allotment, thereby helping you lose weight.

• Sesame seeds benefits lies in their massive protein content. These macronutrients are very filling and having a decent amount of sesame seeds everyday can help you feel full faster, thereby avoiding excessive eating and hence aiding weight loss. The protein content present in sesame seeds also increases your metabolic rate and hence makes it easier for you to lose weight. A diet rich in protein and especially that containing these seeds can make you lose fat but maintains your muscles. This especially happens when you combine it with cardiovascular and strength training exercises.

Sesame seeds also consist of chemicals known as lignans. These lignans are capable of helping you burn more fat because they cause the body to release more of fat-burning liver enzymes. These seeds contain about 2.5 percent of these lignans which help to inhibit the formation as well as the absorption of the cholesterol content and hence reduce the metabolism of fat.

• A tablespoon of sesame seeds contain about 52 calories and an ounce of them contain 158 calories. In order to lose weight using these seeds, you can’t simply eat them along with your regular diet. What you will need to do is that you will have to eat them in place of some other food, especially one which has a higher number of calories.

• Some of the ways to derive sesame seeds benefits can be by way of enhancing the sesame seeds intake in your daily meals. For weight-loss, use sesame seed butter instead of peanut butter and incorporating tahini which is a dip made using sesame seeds into your salads and dressings. You can also use sesame oil instead of other refined or processed oils for the best usage.

Sesame seeds are also rich in dietary fiber and protein which, along with fat content, makes a perfect macro balance for a keto diet. For a balanced & low carb diet, an addition of sesame seeds is incremental to help you improve blood pressure, control diabetes, reduce oxidative stress, and improve blood lipids.

So what are you waiting for? Try sesame and lose weight in a natural and healthy manner!

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