Qualities And Signs Of An Excellent Sesame Seed Manufacturer

Sesame seeds are one of the oldest known oilseeds in the world and also the healthiest ones. These seeds grow in pods and are derived from sesame plants. Due to the presence of abundant vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in them, they are widely used in many cuisines and recipes across the world and are hence very popular too. Due to their high demand, there are a lot of sesame seed manufacturer and exporter companies, based in high yield areas of the world. But not all sesame seed manufacturer are at the same level of expertise and experience. The following are some of the qualities, characteristics, and signs which define an excellent sesame seed manufacturing company.

A Great Infrastructure
Besides being located in high sesame seed cultivation or yielding area, a good sesame seed manufacturer is one which has a great infrastructure in place. This includes a fully automated processing plant certified by ISO, state of the art machinery, latest technological equipment and use of cutting edge technology. The machinery must be such that it should be able to produce all different varieties of sesame including white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, hulled sesame seed, unhulled sesame seeds and organic sesame seeds.

• Bulk Production
Another sign of a good sesame seed manufacturer or sesame seed exporter is the ability to produce bulk amounts of seeds every year. HL Agro, which is one of India’s leading producers of these seeds & has the ability to produce a whopping 22000 MT of natural sesame seeds & hulled sesame seeds every year and this sure is a sign of excellence of the company. HL Agro is a well-known sesame seed manufacturer & exporter that competently caters to the bulk requirements of the global markets.

Focus on Food Safety
Just producing bulk amounts of sesame seeds and having a good infrastructure is not enough. The sesame seed manufacturer must also be able to focus on food safety and seed quality. A good sesame seed manufacturer is one which pays a lot of attention to producing premium quality seeds day after day. One of the ways in which this can be done is by setting up proper research and development centers or using a third party company for the testing of the seed quality.

• Social Responsibility
Another quality which sets apart a good sesame seed manufacturer from an average one is the social responsibility factor. An excellent sesame seed manufacturer is one which performs all activities in such a way that minimum damage is done to the environment and the society as a whole. Companies like HL Agro make use of effluent treatment plant, waste management techniques and have employed green zones just to minimize damage to the environment.

HL Agro is one of the few sesame seed manufacturers which truly meet all these characteristics and have established a strong position in the industry.

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