Corn Gluten Meal: An Introduction

Corn gluten meal of CGM is a derivative or by product of maize or corn processing process. Here, the term ‘gluten’ does not refer to the traditional gluten but means corn protein. For many years now, this meal finds use as an herbicide and helps in weed control. It is used as a supplement in hog feed and is a natural protein which is applied in lawns and gardens as plant food. The products made of corn gluten meal are not only non toxic but also a superb alternative to traditional chemical-based weed as well as feed products.

How corn gluten works as a weed suppressor:

Corn gluten meal basically works by stopping the root formation in weeds during the process or time of germination. It has to be used at a very high rate of about 80 pounds per 1000 sq feet to be effective. By doing so, the weeds that grow may germinate and develop a shoot but will have no root. This, in turn, helps in preventing their growth. It is important to give a brief drying period after germination because the presence of large quantities of water may sometimes allow the weed plants to develop roots after recovering.

Basically, there are three main ways in which corn gluten meal can be used for lawns and gardens. They are given as follows:

In unprocessed form-the first way in which maize gluten can be used for gardens and lawns is in unprocessed form. This is a very fine and almost powdered texture form which has to be spread by hand but can also be used through a hand seeder. When spread, it appears as a layer of pollen over the soil. Since this form cannot work its way down in the grass, it should directly be put or applied on new plantings or on the bare earth portion.
In granulated form-the second form or way in which corn gluten can be used for lawns is in its granulated form. It is best to use the product in this form through a spreader as it reduces time and guarantees even distribution. Granulated corn gluten may also be mixed along with water to form a paste so that it can then be applied as a patch for suppressing weeds in a localized way. What the patch will do is that it will keep the weeds from sprouting while the plants in the surrounding areas fill in.
In the pelletized form-the third form in which corn gluten finds use in lawns and gardens is in its pelletized form. In this form, it can be spread using hands and is one of the best treatments for gardens during the fall and spring seasons. Not only does it discourage the growth of weeds but also helps in adding nutrients to the garden or lawn. In this form, corn gluten can also be applied or spread during windy or rainy days.
Indian origin corn gluten meal is definitely one of the best as far as quality is concerned and can be bought in bulk from HL Agro, a popular manufacturer of superior quality corn gluten.

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