Fantastic advantages of Corn Gluten as a weed controller

Whether it is a lawn or a garden, professionally created or self-made, weeds ought to grow and always need to be controlled. There are many weed controllers and killers available in the market but one of the best solutions for the same is using corn gluten meal. Not only is corn gluten absolutely natural but also totally safe for the environment. It offers fantastic advantages as a weed controller and to know more about them, you can go through the following given information.

  • Corn gluten acts as a pre-emergent herbicide which means that as the seeds sprout, it kills the root rather than the shoot. Killing the root will inhibit the growth of the plant and hence control weed formation.
  • Not only is corn gluten an excellent weed controller but also a good feed for the plants. Nitrogen is an excellent ingredient for plants and corn gluten weed control method has 10% nitrogen. Thus besides prevention the invasion of plants such as crabgrass, dandelions, bentgrass and others, corn gluten keeps the plants very healthy and well nourished. The nitrogen thus supplied keeps the soil well fed for about 4 months.
  • Another reason why corn gluten meal has an advantage as a weed controller as compared to others is because it is very easy to use. Corn gluten can be spread easily over an area and can also be watered. Infact, unlike in the case of chemical herbicides, there is no need to keep children or pets away from the garden after spreading the weed controller. Corn gluten won’t poison anything and is completely safe to use.
  • Corn gluten can work as an excellent alternative to fertilizer products or toxic weed controllers which have several negatives associated with them. The fact that it also works as cattle and dog feed further stresses on the fact that it is safe to use in any household or garden.
  • Another advantage offered by corn gluten as a weed controller is that just a small amount is enough for a large garden area. About 20 pounds of corn gluten can easily feed an area of 100 square feet. Moreover, you just need to apply it 2 times in a year!
  • If you use Indian origin corn gluten meal in your garden, then you will not only save your money but also the time needed to be devoted to the maintenance of your lawn. It overall increases the soil structure and texture and thus proves wonderful.

HL Agro is a global supplier of corn gluten and is one of the companies in India known for the premium quality bulk production of corn derivatives. If you wish to buy wholesale corn gluten or other by-products of corn starch production process, you can contact HL Agro, the leading corn starch manufacturer & exporter in India. It is important to remember that corn gluten must not be fed at the time of seed planting since it can kill the seeds!

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