Corn Germ and its amazing applications

Corn germ, popularly known as maize germ is the germ which makes up for 6-8% of the total weight of the corn grain. It also consists of 50% of the total oil quantity present in corn. It plays the role of the primary product that is used to make corn oil and also forms an important ingredient of animal food or fodder. If you wish to know the details of the constituents of this product, you can go through the following given information.

Corn germ consists of 14% saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids as well. The part of it which is the protein consists of 51% glutelin, 37% globulins, 5% of zein and 7% quantity of non-soluble oils. Maize germ also have in them present a large content of amino acids, phytin, beta sitostiron and Vitamin E.

Basically, maize germ is a derivative or by-product of the process of oil extraction from maize germs which are obtained from maize processing. Let’s learn about the various uses and applications of corn germ.

  • The first and most important use of corn germ is that it forms a great ingredient for all the livestock species. For cows that are required to produce high yield milk, giving high protein and energy foods is necessary. The natural bypass oil content present in corn germ helps with the same.
  • What happens is that all kinds of poultry feeds must have high energy content and use of corn germ is a superb way of guaranteeing that the energy and oil levels for poultry feed are up to satisfactory levels.
  • What happens is that it quickly and easily absorbs several liquids such as tallow and molasses and therefore is a great carrier of liquid nutrients.
  • Corn germ is also used for feeding pets since apart from its high nutrient content; it has a beneficial effect on the coat of the animal when producing feeds for pets.
  • Another use of maize germ is for feeding pigs since corn germ consists of high unsaturated fatty acids and high vegetable oil. Another reason for the same is that it is an easy to digest and natural fiber which is convenient for the pigs to eat. Also, corn germ easily increases the energy content in the feeds of pigs.
  • In most of the cases, corn germ meal is mixed together with several other by-products to result in a final feed product. In the case of wet milling, the used or spent germs are mixed along with maize bran and maize steep liquor to result in corn gluten feed. Whereas on the other hand, in the case of the dry milling process, the used germs are mixed with broken kernels pericarp and inseparable fractions of germs to result in hominy feed.

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