Uses and benefits of Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose is the syrup form of glucose which is a sugar and is one of the derivatives of corn starch or maize starch. Also known as glucose syrup or confectioner’s syrup, this derivative is made from the hydrolysis of starch. Liquid glucose which consists of more than 90% glucose is used in industrial fermentation but it is important to know that the syrups used in confectionery may consist of different amounts of maltose, glucose, and higher oligosaccharides and may have about 10-43% of glucose content. Liquid glucose uses and benefits are multifarious across the board and to know about a few, you can go through the following given information.

Flavour enhancer
The first and major benefit of liquid glucose is that it acts as a flavour enhancer in candies and other kinds of foods.

Another important application of the corn syrup is that it helps in controlling sucrose and dextrose crystallization in confections. It is primarily used in hard candies since candies that are made using sucrose alone are treated to crystallization and may be brittle.

Liquid glucose also finds use as a stabilizer and can greatly enhance the shelf life of certain products. What it does is that it helps in reducing the freezing point and therefore reduces the manufacturer’s freeze time. It also improves the freezer capacity.

Texture enhancer
Yet amongst the important liquid glucose uses is that it acts as a texture enhancer and may lend a smooth texture and body to products ice creams and other types of frozen desserts. Basically what glucose syrup does is that it aids in the elimination of graining.

Another important application of Indian liquid glucose is that it acts as an economical source of fermentable solids and is thus a popular product in the baking industry. Not only does it provide density control to bakery items but also lends sweetness. It is also responsible for adding a richer crumb colour.

Liquid glucose increases the humectancy levels in some kinds of baked items. This further increases the shelf life of such products. Baked items which have icing produced with glucose syrup have a much better sheen as well as the appearance and thus lend a glaze on them.

Corn syrup also has a lot of advantages as an adjunct. An adjunct basically is used to supplement malted barley in the process of brewing. Not only is liquid glucose totally soluble and reasonably priced but also extremely adaptable and easy to handle. It is an ideal liquid for high gravity brewing methods which helps in raising the overall brew house produce and efficiency.

As a food additive product, liquid glucose uses & applications are pervasive and preeminent.There are many well known liquid glucose exporters and manufacturers in India, HL Agro is one of the best amongst them. It is known for producing food grade liquid glucose and other corn maize derivatives. Bulk liquid glucose is produced by the company and is of the finest quality for various purposes.

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