Brilliant uses and applications of Maize Fiber

Maize fiber is a by-product or derivative of the wet milling process and is obtained from corn or maize. Also known as maize fiber, this fiber has several properties which make it extremely useful. Not only is it great for our digestive health but serves many other purposes as well. Corn is one of the natural foods in the world which has the highest quantity of fiber and corn fiber thus is used for clearing the digestive tract. To know more about corn fiber and its several uses and benefits, you can refer to the following given information.

  • One of the main and most important uses of corn or maize fiber is that it is used to prepare sweeteners, starches and ethanol. It thus finds use in several industries.
  • Due to high fiber content, it is considered to have prebiotic properties and is thus great for the digestive health. When it reaches the lower part of our large intestine, it gets metabolized by intestinal bacteria into short chain fatty acids. What this process does is that it supports the healthy population of friendly bacteria and also helps in providing direct energy to the cells which are present on the lining of the large intestine.
  • Corn fiber has high quantity of insoluble fiber with low amounts of acidity. At this 90% insolubility level, it finds use in making many foods and beverages. Moreover since maize fiber does not affect the texture or the taste in any way, it is used widely across the food industry.
  • Corn fiber is popular among the beverage manufacturers across the world and one reason behind this is that the fiber content present in it is not affected by the process of pasteurization in any way.
  • Another use of corn fiber includes that it acts like a nutraceutical ingredient. This means that corn fiber can be processed in order to get or extract gum as well as corn fiber oil.
  • Another application of maize fiber is that it helps in the production and manufacturing of xylitol which is a very well known low calories sweetener.
  • Some of the foods in which corn fiber is used include soups, sauces, cereals, dressings and several types of beverages.
  • Corn or maize fiber is also used in the textile industry. This is so because its characteristics are quite similar to polyester staple fiber. It has a lustre which is similar to that of silk and it is also capable of moisture regaining more than polyester due to which it proves to be extremely comfortable as well.
  • Maize fiber can be considered similar to a yoghurt polymer. It has been tested and proved that corn knitted fabric does not stimulate the skin and offers superb drape. It is slippery, has good air permeability and excellent heat resistance as well. Moreover, it does not get affected by UV light and offers brilliant elasticity as well.

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