Sesame Seeds Market Report and Analysis 2015

Sesame seeds are one of the most healthy and popular seeds in the world which are known for not just their health benefits but taste and texture too. These seeds are natively grown in India, China, Mexico and some other parts of the world but India is one of the places which is especially known for its wide production and export. The country is capable of producing thousands of tons of sesame seeds every year but the actual produced amount may depend upon the crop quality, monsoon and many other factors. The following is a detailed report and analysis of sesame seeds market for the year 2015.

  • The sowing process of sesame seed crop has been very good this year and some of the reasons for this include early monsoon rains and timely news about the low rainfall year which helped farmers prepare in advance. This helped farmers react in time and lot of the crop area was designated for low-water crops including sesame.
  • The weather has been pretty favourable for Growth of sesame this year which led to a good harvest season. But at the same time there was a long dry spell after Mid August and due to this, the yields were affected, the results of which are still obvious especially in areas with minimal irrigation facilities.
  • Thanks to the overall increase in the acreage, the losses could be negated to a large extent and hence it is expected that the crop would be good even in the next year-2016.
  • The sowing in the year 2015 was about 10-15% more than last year. This is because in 2014, the monsoons failed in some areas While in others, heavy rainfall led to washed-out fields due to floods.
  • The carryover stocks for next year are not high and the total amount is around 25000-30000 MT.
  • Going with the sesame seeds market trends for 2014-2015, there was a considerable increase in the export numbers as compared to the previous years. Even the import numbers were on the rise as India imported about 100000 MT which makes it among the top 5 importers as well as the top exporting country of sesame seeds. Companies like HL Agro greatly contribute to these figures relating to the sesame seeds market across the globe.

Sesame seeds are an important crop not just for India but also for other countries across the world. But since these are not grown in bulk amounts by several nations, India is often seen as the best place to import the seeds from, making it the number 1 exporter in the world. HL Agro and other sesame seed exporters, processor and manufacturers definitely are doing a great job putting India among the top of the sesame seeds market charts.

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